Online Shop Tips You Will LOVE!

Stop by and check out Christmas at Heart on Etsy and get a gift for yourself or a quilter you love just in time for Christmas.

For quilt kits, embroidered ornaments, lovely hand-stitched gifts or ideas to get your sewing machine humming go to Christmas at Heart on Etsy

Here’s a few quick tips on getting started on any online selling venue:

  1. Get it Together: Set up an area where you can photograph what you want to sell. If you don’t have pictures you don’t have product. You’ll need good lighting, a descent camera (or in a pinch an expensive smart phone) and a short course on photography.
  2. Name it to Tame it: What is your shop going to be called? “Stuff I Made” is too vague. “Just Glass Buttons, Plastic Buttons, Wooden Buttons, and A Lot of Different Kinds of Buttons” is weirdly long. “Craft” tells the customer nothing. Take this choice seriously. It’s part of the customer’s first impression of your store and “Hobby Lobby” is taken. 🙂
  3. Set and Keep One Small Goal at a Time: Goal One – Wake Up, Goal Two – Get Motivated, Goal Three – Get organized, Goal Four – accomplish one small, simple productive task. In attempt to accomplish something small each day I have honed down my unproductive Facebook time to less than an hour. I can get sidetracked easily on Facebook. Checking status for every little thing is a real time waster and I love Pinterest but I can get lost in there for hours if I go in without a plan or purpose. Rather than just admiring everyone else’s art, put some of your own out there while your surfing.
  4. One of the Keys is KeywordsHere’s a terrific post from The House of Mouse that describes in detail how they hone their SEO list. SEO takes time to develop. Take your time and learn what works for you and your store. There’s a learning curve so don’t get frustrated. Progress is typically slow and steady (unless you can find some legal way to go viral but honestly no one has that down to a science yet so don’t count on going viral, but always aim for it).
  5. Take Remarkable, Irresistible, Inviting Product Photos: I have a HUGE collection of great tips on all kinds of photography including product photography and working with models on my “Photography” board on Pinterest. Follow me while you’re there.
  6. Your store is a “real” store: Everyone is online now. There is no argument about the validity of online retailers any longer. It’s all in how you present yourself using words, style and images. Make it beautiful. Get it in front of the right customer. The rest will take care of itself.
  7. Done is Not Always Better Than Perfect: If it’s done but it’s not perfect try again. Every product you put out there represents your brand. If it’s perfect but it’s not listed get over your fear of judgement and rejection and put yourself out there. Your craft/design/art could be the next great thing that people can’t get enough of. So get started already!

A final word on procrastination… Mastery Requires Consistency. Period. Make art everyday. -K


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