Definitely not a Beginner Project..

Standing over the table, sorting out little scraps, occasionally looking up at my quilting partner (mom) I’m lost. Where is the fourth monkey’s eyeball?!

Ever found yourself in the middle of a pile of bits with suddenly no understanding of how many pieces there were supposed to be because something must have gone missing since you had time to work on the quilt over a week ago? Rough day.

All the pieces were together in an envelope with the fabric when we saw them last. They didn’t move by themselves. What have I done?

Step one: Don’t panic.

Step two: Search calmly.

Step three: Panic a little (make sure it’s barely noticeable so you don’t cause your search partner to also panic)

Step four: Take a break (all the searching has made you hungry)

Step five: Go back in the studio. Check every place you’ve already checked and some places that it simply could not be.

Step six: Give up (having mostly not panicked – good job) and decide to cut out the tiny pieces again.

Step seven: Work on something else until you can look that monkey in the eye again.

…more later.




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